When a previous client of ours contacted us seeking an online store, we knew it was the perfect opportunity to develop a custom solution.

We built Swearball (NSFW - Language) from the ground up for our client. Once we understood their needs, the goals and the future direction of their store we immediately set out to research existing solutions to help ease development time. However, we soon realized that without spending a lot of money on existing plugins to deliver the functionality, we could build out the features at a much cheaper rate and ensure that they would operate exactly as the client required.

We utilized the Laravel PHP platform to do the heavy lifting, pulling in open source libraries and packages to help flesh out more mundane tasks (login, administration authorization, emails). In addition to being very resourceful, we utilized 3 different APIs to help with payments and shipping; Stripe, PayPal, and Shippo. This allows the store to accept a wide variety of payments (including Bitcoin), and enables them to ship across the US and Canada.

Development Involvement

We planned out every aspect of the project, from the design and layout, to the database, API integrations, and checkout flow. We then execute the development cycle in sprints, on time and within budget. We spent a total of 2 months developing the platform from the ground up.


  • Client: Swearball
  • Date: November 2nd, 2016
  • Project Type: E-Commerce Platform
  • Tools Used: Laravel, jQuery, SASS, Gulp, Bower, Vagrant, Git