Save My Films

Save My Films needed a way to promote their business and allow their clients to download the final version of their films. We over-achieved.

As a way to help increase sales and the awareness, Save My Films need a new website and system which they could upload edited videos and then their client could download them. This all had to be secure, fast, and reliable. We easily launched their website, and then shortly after we were able to provide a solution perfect for them and their clients.

The public facing website was heavily optimized to serve images quickly and without lag for the user. While their client area adhered to their security standards, just as the website, it also handled traffic well, downloading and uploading of videos.

Development Involvement

We designed their website with modern standards in mind: fast, responsive, and easy to navigate. We implemented their client section using a heavily modified 3rd party solution fit for hosting multiple videos, uploading large videos, and securely allowing their clients to access their files anytime.


  • Client: Save My Films
  • Date: Mid 2014
  • Project Type: Brochure Website with a video hosting platform
  • Tools Used: PHP, MySQL, CSS, FFmpeg, Git