Repair Motive

We needed a way to keep track of our car repair receipts. We knew it was a common issue many faced, and so we set out to build a simple solution.

We developed Repair Motive to help us easily track car repair receipts in a nice and clean UI. When our Lead Developer ran into a spat of car troubles, he grew tired of keeping track of all the paper and numbers. So along came his idea to develop a system that he could easily manage his cars, the repairs, costs, location, and various other points of information.

The concept grew into a nice little tool that others began to use to also track their repairs. Eventually, we began to plan larger features to include mechanic shops, printing out reports, and more to help add value. The project is still a hobby of ours and was the very first open source code base we had released. It's built on top of a very slim and lightweight PHP framework, using libraries to help construct the core features such as PDF reports, complex calculations, and the massive car list.

Development Involvement

This is an in house project. It is designed, developed, and hosted by us. We layout the roadmap for each version and then continue to work on it, adding meaningful features and functionality.


  • Client: Phase 8 Studio
  • Date: July 2016
  • Project Type: Receipt Tracking Platform
  • Tools Used: PHP, MySQL, Phinx, Gulp, SCSS, jQuery, Vagrant, Git