I Drunk It

We realized a gap in the market for tracking beers in a simple way, so we built a platform to track and recommend beers.

We enjoy a good beer, especially after a long day of work. Around 3 years ago we developed a simple platform that allowed us to track beers, our personal rating, and a way to mark them as a favorite. With time, other users signed up to the site and began using it as well. We knew we had to improve the website to keep people interested and to appeal to others who enjoyed good beer, so we developed a unique algorithm to suggest beers based off of various factors.

I Drunk It witnessed a decent level of success and a stable user base growth over the course of our ownership and management. However, we opted to sell the website once we became too busy with our own clients. It was a tough choice, but we were glad to have been a part of something special

Development Involvement

We planned out and implemented every aspect of the project from the UI to the back-end, database and server setup. While we actively developed it for 3 years, the core of the work was completed in around 3 months.


  • Client: Ourselves
  • Date: 2013-2016
  • Project Type: Beer review and suggestion tracker
  • Tools Used: PHP, MySQL, jQuery, Skeleton CSS, Phinx, Idiorm, Git