Brick Beards Market ™

We were contacted to build a unique marketplace and community for men's facial hair care products and information.

The project is currently a work in progress, however we are utilizing proven technologies to help build the website in addition to implementing customized version of the Slim PHP framework that we've developed over the past year. This allows us to very quickly build the foundation to new projects with the comfort of it being secure, backed by the open source community, coupled with highly-tested libraries such as Idiorm ORM, Phinx, and the Slim PHP framework itself.

The expected launch of the marketplace is sometime in early 2017.

What We're Doing

Developing the back-end and front-end, implementing the design, planning out the DB schema, rapidly developing the planned feature set for the MVP, and then finally deploying to website on a service such as AWS or DigitalOcean.


  • Client: Phase 8 Studio
  • Date: July 2016
  • Project Type: Receipt Tracking Platform
  • Tools Used: PHP, MySQL, Phinx, Gulp, SCSS, jQuery, Vagrant, Git